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by | Jul 14, 2022 | Blog, Family, Family Activities That Help

Here now: the final edition of our blog series, “Executive Functioning Activities!” Remember, you can check out the other fun ways we’ve shared to address concerns like impulse control and working memory! For our last edition, we’re focusing on… managing emotions!

Unexpected strong emotional reactions can be confusing and overwhelming! Reduce surprise highs and lows by pausing to check in with yourself and your child.

Name of Game: Fill-in Exercise 

Finish the sentences below as honestly as you can. Try not to overthink your answers. There is no right or wrong answer, write what comes easily to mind. 

  • Nobody understands that [________]
  • It is so sad when [________]
  • I avoid thinking about [________]
  • I feel safe when [________]
  • I’m fed up with [________]
  • I fear that [________] 
  • I am excited [________]
  • I feel hurt when [________]
  • I feel worried that [________]
  • I’m sorry that [________]
  • I wish my teachers knew I felt  [________] when [________]
  • I wish my friends knew I felt  [________] when [________]
  • I wish [_______] knew I felt [________] when [________]

When you’re done, trade answer sheets and each highlight 2 that you want to talk more about on each other’s answer sheet.

Parents: Try not to overwhelm your child with questions about what they write. Focus on validating the feelings they share.

Process Together

  • How do you think checking-in about what you are feeling will help you control your emotions? 
  • How often do you think you need to do this?

We hope this short & simple activity is helpful for you and your kiddos to work through and understand feelings! & of course, let us know what you think!

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