Increasing Impulse Control

by | Feb 17, 2022 | Blog, Family Activities That Help

Welcome to the first edition of IFC’s newest blog series, “Executive Functioning Activities.” These activities are meant to help families incorporate creative and fun ways into addressing common areas of concern. First on the list… increasing impulse control!

Name of Game: Freeze Dance Party 

Help your child gain mastery over impulses by practicing the skill of pausing. This game also helps them practice regulating their body during moments of high-energy.

Game Materials:
  • Music with a pause button
  • Space to dance 
How to Play
  1. Choose some favorite family songs.
  2. Turn on the music and dance together to the beat.
  3. Pause the music.
  4. When the music is paused it is time to FREEZE and hold your body still until the music starts again.
  5. Press play and dance again.
  6. Repeat as long as everyone is having fun and staying safe with their body!
  7. If you notice your child getting overly silly or out of control, keep the dance rounds shorter so they can maintain a state of overall regulation. 
  8. Adult should be the leader of the game first, then they can join the game and let the child be in charge of the pause button after a few adult-led rounds. 
Helpful Tips: 
  • If your child has slower processing speed, give a verbal “FREEZE” warning before pausing.
  • Manage energy levels by alternating fast and slow songs.
Process Together:
  • How did it feel to pause your body even if you wanted to keep dancing?
  • What skills did you have to use to freeze? 

We hope this activity to increase impulse control is fun and beneficial for you and your family! Stay tuned for other helpful activities that address executive functioning and more. If you find that any of them work spectacularly well for your family, let us know!

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