Increasing Working Memory

by | Mar 26, 2022 | Blog, Family Activities That Help

Our second edition of our blog series, “Executive Functioning Activities” is here! If you missed the first in the series, go check it out! Remember, these activities are meant to help families incorporate creative and fun ways into addressing common areas of concern. Next on the list… increasing working memory!

Name of Game: What do you unsee? 

This activity will build working memory by challenging your child to hold information in their mind while they are completing the activity. 

Game Materials:

1-10 (depending on difficulty level) different physical objects, paper, markers. 

Time Needed:

15 minutes

  1. Have your child select a set number of different physical objects. For example, “pick 4 different toys from your toy bin.”  
  2. Line the objects up in front of you.
  3. Tell your child to take a picture with their mind. 
  4. Practice working memory skill building together, such as naming each object out loud or talking about their color or shape. The more you discuss the objects, the more successful your child will be at this activity. With each round of the game, you can facilitate less discussion as your child becomes increasingly confident using this skill without your prompting. 
  5. Remove the objects from view. 
  6. Have your child draw everything they can remember about the objects in order. 
  • For a more challenging option, use more items and limit the time they have to view the objects to 1 minute. 
Process Together:
  • What most helped you remember the objects after you couldn’t see them?
  • When would that skill be most helpful to use at school or home?

Have fun & let us know how it goes!!

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