10 benefits of online therapy with children

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Blog, COVID19, Online Therapy

We asked our therapists what they love the most about doing online therapy and heard a resounding message that getting to meet with clients in the comfort of their own home has been powerful in treatment.

  1. When we see kids at home they feel noticeably safe and comfortable. This sense of security supports the exploration of deep feelings. 
  2. Getting introduced to our client’s favorite stuffy’s, awards, and special memorabilia that we otherwise would never have seen.
  3. Getting to stay in touch with our clients and continue to build our therapeutic bond during difficult times and even illness.
  4. Getting the opportunity to practice problem solving, social skills and challenging outside of the typical comfort zone of the office.
  5. No traffic and other commuting stress to worry about.
  6. Our client’s pets being able to provide cuddles and comfort during sessions.
  7. Getting a look into clients daily life that we weren’t able to see in the office. 
  8. More schedule flexibility … such as getting to meet with clients during their lunch break at school!
  9. The chance to reinforce skill building out side of the therapy room, in the home or school environment.
  10. Getting to see and respond to at home melt-downs in real time.

Online therapy may not be a fit for your child or family, or it might be just what is needed! Your therapist can help you determine if it is most beneficial for your child to be seen in our office or at home!

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