What exactly is a “parent session”?

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What is a parent session?

At Individual & Family Connection, we value parent involvement throughout a child’s treatment. Therefore we structure our treatment to include time for ‘parent sessions’ every 4 weeks. This will be a time for you to sit down with your child’s therapist without your child in the room.

Why do we need one?

We believe that parent involvement in a child’s therapy allows us to deepen our understanding of your child’s strengths and challenges. It is also one of the many ways we incorporate evidenced based treatment into IFC. As research shows that parent involvement in therapy helps children meet their treatment goals faster!

For this reason, your child’s therapist will require a parent session about every four weeks. Not only does this requirement stand as one of the most important pieces of our mission, but it also sets us apart from other pediatric mental health services. These sessions give time and space for you and your therapist to collaborate to help your child navigate difficult times. 

What does a parent session look like?

  1. Checking in with your child’s therapist about emotions, behaviors, obstacles, and accomplishments going on outside of therapy
  2. Gaining extra support you may need
  3. Working with your child’s therapist to adjust treatment goals as needed
  4. Gaining tools and skills that you can use with your child outside of therapy
  5. Your child’s therapist providing session feedback (e.g., tools, insights, or themes worked on in sessions)*

*Personal details will be withheld to maintain trust and confidentiality between your child and their therapist.


A parent session can replace your child’s weekly session. However, to avoid your child missing their weekly session, you can also choose to find time to meet with your therapist on a separate occasion.

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