Keep Kids Connected With Friends From Afar

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Blog, COVID19, Friendship, Social Skills

How do we keep kids connected with friends during quarantine? At first, FaceTime and Zoom calls were welcomed but now they may feel exhausting and perhaps, even anxiety provoking or overwhelming for your child. But, helping our children stay connected with friends is so important for their mental health and development.

During this time that we are physically staying apart from one another, it is important to socially connect for our emotional well-being! With this in mind, many families are exploring how their children can continue to maintain friendships during the pandemic. If we were not getting creative before, now is the time to think outside-the-box for ways to help our children stay connected in new and different ways.

Here are 5 fun ways to keep your children connected with their friends as we all stay at home!

1. Stay Connected as Pen Pals

Have your child write a letter to their friend or loved one. Help them learn to address the envelop or pick out a cool stamp to go on the front. They can look forward to receiving a letter in return!

2. Deliver a Mini-Care Package

Help your child create a “mini-care” package for their friend filled with stickers, snacks, or toys to share. Who wouldn’t love getting a surprise at their door?

3. Connect with friends through art

Let your child use their artistic abilities to create a drawing to mail to their friend, color a chalk masterpiece on their sidewalk, or even set a date to make a craft together through video.

4. Send a Video

Create a short film for your child to send to their friends such as a silly dance, funny faces, or a new science experiment.

5. Scavenger Hunt

Bundle up for a walk with neighborhood friends and search for items on a list while remaining socially distanced. If it’s too cold to go outside, create a list of colors and have your little one search for the items in their house with their friend over video chat!

For more ideas on keeping kids connected with friends during COVID19, check out our 5 Tips on Making the Most of Video Chats with Children!

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