Incorporating Therapy Goals at Home

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Blog, Family, Parenting, What to expect

As your child’s first and best teacher, your involvement in the therapeutic process can make all the difference for their progress! After all, you interact with your child everyday and provide many learning opportunities. No matter your child’s age or the goals they are working toward, you will remain an important part to their overall progress. This is why at IFC, your therapist will help you incorporate therapy goals at home!

What your involvement will look like will depend on your child’s needs.

Layton Kirk MA, LPC

So, how will you know what to work on at home? Your child’s therapist will continuously guide you throughout therapy to discuss how your involvement can have the most impact. By incorporating therapy goals at home, you will have the ability to provide important information on changes in your child’s behavior and yourself! Consider these five ways to get started: 

  1. Actively practice the parenting strategies and techniques discussed in parent sessions. They will aim to help you and your child achieve their specific goals. 
  2. Incorporate therapy strategies into your everyday routines and activities. The more we practice, the more comfortable we are using the skills! 
  3. Encourage your child to use what they are learning outside of the office (e.g., coping skills, identification of feelings in self or others, etc.). Practice together
  4. Notice when your child uses their skills and praise them for it! 
  5. Take time for yourself. Not only does this model healthy habits, but it can also refuel you to better manage stressful situations. 

Overall, IFC values collaboration with parents, so your therapist will always be there to help you incorporate therapy goals at home. We want to make sure that therapy is as beneficial to you and your child as possible!

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