How do you know when child therapy is NOT working?

by | Oct 2, 2021 | Blog, What to expect

Is Therapy Working?

While we set goals in therapy, it is still not a concrete and linear process that makes it easy to say whether or not progress is being made. This can be especially true for child therapy as you may not have a front seat to the process! When your child comes out of therapy they may say, it was “fun” or they played “games”, leaving you to wonder, is this therapy thing even working?

Talk to your therapist

If you are worried that therapy isn’t working, let your child’s therapist know! IFC’s monthly parent sessions are meant to bridge the gap between what is happening in session and at home. If you aren’t seeing progress at home, your therapist wants to know that! It may feel uncomfortable to have this conversation, but it is so important!

Is my child getting better?

Once you open the door to dialogue about this, together you can brainstorm what may be getting in the way of your child’s progress and discuss options. Your child’s therapist can break down what progress looks like in relation to your child’s goals. They may share progress they have noticed that can be hard to see in the everyday moments with your child. They may also be noticing the same lack of progress that you are!

What if they are not improving?

Together you and your therapist can strategize how to best support you and your child. You may decide to change the approach to treatment. You may add additional “homework” options for your child. Or you may pursue working with another therapist that might be a better fit.

You and your therapist may also discuss the need for a boost of additional support to help your child meet their treatment goals.  Sometimes weekly sessions are not just not enough support. When there is a lack of progress (or a halt in progress) despite showing up for weekly sessions, or when a child is completely resistant to going to or participating in therapy, it is time to talk to your child’s therapist about a different treatment approach and /or increased intensity.  

Check out our next blog on signs weekly therapy is not enough.

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