Tips for an Effective Telehealth Appointment

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Blog, Online Therapy

As we continue with online therapy, we wanted to remind everyone of a few helpful tips to ensure an effective and successful telehealth appointment.

Find a Space.

Finding a secure, comfortable space is necessary! Have a dedicated space for sessions that is free from distractions, confidential, and well-lit. Having your child log into their appointment in the back of the car on the way to the store may seem convenient, but it will not make for an effective telehealth session.


Give your child privacy by providing time alone and a set of headphones. Just like in person sessions, privacy can truly impact the session and is crucial for therapeutic growth! You want your child to feel safe sharing freely with their therapist without worrying they will be overheard.

Check your connection.

Ensure the space you choose has a strong internet connection and make a plan for what should happen if the audio or video stops working. Log onto the portal a few minutes early to check the connection and prepare your child.

Have supplies ready.

Check your email prior to session time. The therapist may have sent a list of supplies (crayons, scissors, paper, etc.) or documents to print for use during the session. 

Prepare your child.

Add the session time to your child’s written or visual schedule. Give an adequate amount of time for your child to mentally prepare to see their therapist.

Allow time to log in.

The virtual session portal automatically ends the session if you do not arrive by the 15 minute mark, so please be sure to give yourself ample time to login. If you are having connection issues, please contact us immediately. At the 15 minute mark, the therapist is unable to hold your session time and this will result in a no show fee.

Recently, many state laws have changed and require for client’s to be in the state of Illinois when meeting with their IL telehealth provider. Please let the administrative team know if you will be out of the state for any reason.

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