5 Tips for Video Chatting with Children

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Blog, COVID19, Family, Friendship, Screen Time

As we are all relying on video chats to stay connected with friends and relatives, we all need ideas on keeping connections strong when we can’t see one another in person. Video chatting with children can be a struggle, as not all children can or want to sit in front of the screen and directly engage. It can be especially difficult for young or special needs children to engage with loved ones over FaceTime or Zoom without some modifications.

As child therapists we like to think we are experts in finding fun ways to keep children engaged and talking … even on screen! Here are 5 ideas to get you started on video chatting with children of a variety of ages or abilities …


For some, it feels more natural and comfortable to play alongside one another. So, pick a theme of shared interest for the call such as: Lego building, drawing, or action figures and get video chat playing!

Movie Time

Pick a movie, pop the popcorn, and make some hot chocolate for a fun movie watch party! Streaming services offer a way for people to watch the movie “together” over video chat!


Plan ahead by choosing a simple recipe for the children to bake together with help from an adult. This can be a fun way for grandma and grandpa to share some family recipes too!

Dance Party

Turn up the tunes or alternate song choice while allowing the kids to dance or perhaps create a game of freeze dance out of it!


This blog has some great ideas for games to play together virtually! Virtual games can be a fun way to engage with more than one child or multiples families at once.

For more ideas on keeping children connected with their friends while staying socially distant check out these 5 tips!

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