10 Common ADHD Symptoms

by | Aug 19, 2022 | ADHD, Blog, Diagnosis, Teens

For several years now, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), has become a very controversial diagnosis. Many parents have different views on how to approach treatment, or they have trouble accepting that their child may be struggling with some of the symptoms related to ADHD. It is not uncommon to dismiss early warning signs as just normal child development. However, as your child develops into their teenage years (13-18) it is important to know what ADHD symptom presentation might look like. 

Some common symptoms of ADHD in teens include: 

  1. Distractibility 
  2. Impulsivity and poor decision making
  3. Forgetfulness 
  4. Lack of focus and poor concentration 
  5. Self-focused behavior 
  6. Heightened emotionality and Rejection sensitive dysphoria 
  7. Disorganization 
  8. Trouble finishing tasks and poor time management
  9. Hyperactivity
  10. Low frustration tolerance

It is important to note that symptom presentation differs based on ADHD subtypes or comorbidity. Consulting with a trusted professional in order to have the appropriate testing done is key when considering next steps.

 It is also crucial to establish a support system for both you and your child during this time. Our therapists at IFC can help you monitor symptoms and behaviors, develop goals and skills, connect you with other professionals, and be a general system of support for you and your child.

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