Online Therapy

Coronavirus just makes everything about parenting a lot harder.

 We’re still here. We’re still doing therapy and we’re going to find a way to make this time better, one online session at a time!

Are you feeling stuck at home struggling to . . .

Balance your children’s educational and emotional needs and while trying to work from home during this crisis?

Cope with day-to-day demands as you shelter in place as a family?

Support your child through their fears and anxiety about the future?

You are not alone!

We at IFC strive to always meet each individual where it is needed and will continue to do so during this crisis.

To support our community at this time, we are offering online therapy services to any child, parent, or family who is in need of extra support during this disorienting time. 

We are a group of therapists committed to helping keep families happy and healthy.

We know this is a difficult time for everyone and see the challenges parents and caregivers are facing.

How does it work? During the first session your therapist will assess your situation and see what needs to be addressed. From there they will teach you or your child new strategies and skills, and help you implement them through online video communication.

Your session will be covered by insurance and is a confidential, effective way to get your family the support you need during this crisis.

If you are interested in online therapy please contact [email protected].

We will do a brief intake so we can get you started on learning new skills and feeling a little more put together in this uncertain time.

Get in touch today. We would love to support you and your family.

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