Parenting Workshops

Connected Parenting Workshops

Are you tired of punishments that leave you disconnected from your child and don’t seem to work?

IFC’s parenting workshops will help you look beyond your child’s behavior, and see what is underneath. Our therapists will teach you the skills you need to respond and connect with your child in a powerful way.

If you are watching your child spiral into a pattern of negative behavior

If you feel powerless as a parent

If all you hear from your child is “I don’t care!”

If you’re tired of grounding them for the umpteenth time

…IFC can help.

IFC can show you how to stay connected to your child. Often traditional parenting focuses more on punishment than teaching. Punishment might work in the moment, but it can also leave you and your child feeling disconnected. Through the principles of TBRI, Love & Logic, and Theraplay we will show you how to create lasting teachable moments.

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