Parent Support

It’s tough to feel like you’re the only one and IFC wants you to know, you’re not alone.

Therapy for Parents. Parenting a child with sensory, developmental, or emotional challenges requires a very different form of discipline, structure, and nurture that many outside of those challenges have trouble understanding. IFC provides therapeutic support for parents as they work to understand and advocate for their child.

TraumaTribe (previously TraumaMamas) is a support group for caregivers of children who have experienced trauma. Parenting children with a developmental trauma history requires a connected, unique approach to discipline that people who do not share this experience struggle to understand. This group is co-lead by Julianne Neely of IFC and Jasmine Sassack of Family Tree Holistic Health. Between them they have diverse personal and professional experience guiding children from toddlers to young adults through a variety of developmental traumas including medical trauma, neglect, abuse, and abandonment. Due to the intimate nature of this group, space is extremely limited. Contact us for more information.

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